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Compassionate & Reliable Hoarding Cleaning Services in Santee, CAPhone Number: 619-284-4239

Compassionate & Reliable Hoarding Cleaning Services in Santee, CA


Accumulating items, objects, boxes, and cans can quickly transform a home into an overwhelming and claustrophobic space. Living in a hoarding situation can significantly impact the quality of life for everyone involved.
At Clean Earth Restorations, we understand the challenges and emotional toll that hoarding can bring to individuals and their families. We've been dedicated to helping hoarders and their loved ones move forward from these challenging situations with compassion, empathy, and professionalism.


Transforming Homes with Compassion and Expertise

Clean Earth Restorations offers more than just removing unwanted items with our hoarding restoration services. We approach each project with compassion and empathy, aiming to transform hoarding sites into safe, welcoming homes. Our hoarding cleanup process includes:

- Free estimate and on-site evaluation: Understanding the scope and needs of each unique situation.
- Pack-trash/clutter cleanouts: Efficiently removing clutter to reclaim space.
- Animal feces/urine cleanup and disinfection: Ensuring a sanitary living environment.
- Odor removal: Restoring fresh air to the home.
- Search and recovery of valuables: Carefully retrieving items of emotional or financial value.
- Packaging and storage of personal belongings: Respectfully handling and storing possessions.

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Committed to the Santee, CA, Community

Our commitment to the Santee, CA, community goes beyond providing hoarder services. We believe in positively impacting the lives of those we serve by offering a pathway out of hoarding situations.
Our team is dedicated to delivering fast, effective, and discreet services, ensuring that every client feels supported and respected throughout the cleanup and restoration process.

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Clean Earth Restorations: Your Hoarding Cleanup Partner in Santee, CA

Tackling a hoarder's cleanout on your own can be daunting. Clean Earth Restorations is here to expedite the process with fast, compassionate, and discreet hoarding cleanup services.

We understand the complexities involved in hoarding situations. We are equipped to handle every cleanup aspect, allowing you to focus on healing and moving forward. Let us help you transform your living space from chaos to calm, restoring peace and order to your home and life.



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