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Comprehensive Hoarding Services in National City, CA


Hoarding is a severe mental health disorder affecting millions worldwide. Addressing it can be daunting, especially with a family member. While therapy is crucial, hoarding cleaning services provide essential support, ensuring a safe and healthy living space.

Clean Earth Restorations expresses deep understanding and compassion toward those affected. With over 3 decades of experience, we've assisted hundreds of families in overcoming the challenges of hoarding disorder. Fill out the form below, and we'll contact you shortly!


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Empowering Change with Professional Help

Hoarding disorder strains emotional well-being and significantly compromises one's environment. At Clean Earth Restorations, we empower individuals in National City, CA, to initiate their recovery by offering comprehensive hoarding cleanup services. Our tailored services address the multifaceted aspects of hoarding disorder and cater to our clients' needs. Our hoarding cleanup services stand out for several reasons:

Free estimate and on-site evaluation/ Restoration services to repair damage to the property

Pack-rat/trash/clutter cleanouts

Animal feces/urine cleanup and disinfection

Odor removal & Search and recovery of valuables

Packaging and storage of personal belongings

Hypodermic needle/syringe recovery and disposal

Customized Hoarding Cleanup Solutions

Every hoarding scenario is unique, so Clean Earth Restorations offers customized hoarding cleanup solutions. Our approach starts with an in-depth assessment to understand each client's needs.

From decluttering and sanitizing to organizing personal items, our team ensures a supportive and non-judgmental environment, guiding clients toward reclaiming their spaces and, by extension, their lives.

Reclaiming Your Space and Rebuild Your Life Today With Clean Earth Restorations

Navigating life amidst hoarding clutter can be overwhelming, but achieving a clean, safe living environment is possible with professional help. Clean Earth Restorations provides compassionate support for individuals and families dealing with hoarding disorders through our experienced and respectful team.

Whether you're on this path for yourself or assisting someone in need, trust Clean Earth Restorations to provide the comprehensive support required at every step. Contact us today and start a journey to a cleaner, healthier environment. Your first step towards change starts here.


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