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Reliable Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Services in Santee, CA

Fire and smoke can cause catastrophic damage to a home or business, taking many forms. It affects not only the burning but also the water damage that comes after the fire is put out.

Clean Earth Restorations has in-house experts in the field of recognizing, assessing, and repairing fire and smoke damage. We're San Diego's Top Restoration Specialists 24/7 available for any emergency you need.


House Fire Damage

There are a lot of consequences left behind due to a fire incident. They include physical damage from the flames themselves and smoke that permeates surfaces and fabrics, causing odor damage and corrosion to materials such as metals.

Fire damage and smoke damage need to be restored using a combination of cleaning methods to ensure that the structure of the home or business is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized. As such, it is important that a certified and professional company must be in charge of doing the job.

Fire Restoration Process

To put out a fire, it's necessary to extinguish it. If the structure has been extensively damaged by water during fire suppression efforts, an industrial-strength dehumidifier will also be required.

The second step is to use a high-pressure air blower to clear as much soot and loose debris as possible from the surface. The procedure of flooding the region with water and detergent begins, allowing chemicals to work their way through the most stubborn stains and residues. To ensure that no moisture remains in the building.

When restoring things that have been soaked with water from firefighting efforts, hot water extraction is employed. Textiles and hard surfaces may also be cleaned using steam cleaning, requiring specialized equipment.

Sanitizing may be completed by using a variety of chemical solutions, detergents, and steam. Deodorization is used to ensure the building is cleaned and safe again after the cleaning process. Areas are sanitized with ozonators or fogging equipment.

Extinguish Your Worries Away

The restoration process after fire damage requires special care because of the residues involved, so homes and businesses need to contact professionals in the field. At Clean Earth Restorations, we have more than twenty years of home restoration and repair experience with high-tech smoke damage restoration equipment.

We also provide drywall installation or repair, painting, plumbing, and electrical services to recover your home. You can contact us any day, and we'll respond in no time.


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