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Mold Remediation

When it comes to mold remediation, a specialized and certified mold remediation company is the right choice for the job. Unlink your local handyman a mold remediation company will know exactly how to remove the mold once and for all. Clean Earth Restorations specializes in water and mold remediation and has the experience to handle your unique needs.

The Purpose of Mold Remediation to Remove Mold, Not to Kill It

The goals of mold remediation are:

  1. Provide for the safety and health of occupants and workers
  2. Documentation of the conditions and work process
  3. Control the mold contamination at its source
  4. Physically remove the mold
  5. Eliminate the water source to prevent recontamination

1) Provide for the safety and health of the occupants and workers

Because of the adverse health associated with mold, performing mold remediation can prevent workers and occupants to being exposed to an unsafe environment. The right tools for the job can make the world of difference; It is essential to implement engineering controls such as containment of the work area, air pressure controls using air-scrubbers/negative air machines and appropriate personal protective equipment (for the workers) to prevent cross contamination.

2) Documentation of the conditions and work process

A proper mold remediation cannot be performed before there is an extensive inspection of the building to determine the level of mold contamination. A certified mold inspector or remediator is the appropriate person for the job. Only in rare cases is it necessary to perform air samples if the mold is visible. Visual inspection along with moisture, temperature and humidity readings are necessary if there is any suspicion that mold is present. After an inspection it may be necessary to collect air samples, this would reveal mold colonies and determine the level of contamination throughout the building. By gathering this necessary data a certified mold tester and/or remediator can provide you with a solution for remediation. After the work is completed an independent third party should be performed to verify the remediation is complete, this is to insure there is no conflict of interests. Watch out for companies that test their own work it is like proofreading your own papers.

3) Control the contamination at its source

It is of the up most importance that mold contamination be controlled as close as possible to its source. When remediation is under way mold spores become air born making them hard to capture. A properly installed containment can put a stop to cross contamination, protect occupants and make it easier to properly clean the air of any trace of mold spores.

4) Physically remove the mold

The best way to properly get rid of mold is to physically remove it, place the contaminated debris in an air tight bag and remove from the site. Many companies will attempt to kill or encapsulate the mold; this will only prolong the issue. Dead mold can be just as bad as living mold and it still needs to be properly removed from the site.

5) Eliminate the water source to prevent recontamination

If a moisture problem is persistent mold growth is inevitable. The first step to any proper remediation is to eliminate the source of any moisture, preventing any recontamination after remediation. Once the materials are dry reconstruction can begin.

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