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Flood Damage

Flood damage can have a devastating effect on your home or business. More than just destroying furniture, drywall, electrical wiring, carpeting and appliances, it can also cause cumulative water damage that can have far reaching effects on the building (Find out how important it is to repair your water damaged drywall).

Flood damage occurs when moisture seeps into walls, floorboards, framing, wooden trim and other components. In time, water will bend, warp, swell, rot, or even harbor mold and mildew growths. Our team understands the ramifications and they do everything they can to ensure that your home is restored properly and thoroughly.

Time is important when dealing with flood damage. When you choose effective emergency clean-up services, you're also choosing to prevent any other problems that you may not have noticed for weeks or even months.

Floods and water damage bring other less obvious dangers such as the possibility of mold onset and the structural weakening of saturated structures, both indoor and outdoor. Possible outdoor problems include: weakened retaining walls, hillsides vulnerable to mudslides, tree or branch falls due to water-logged foliage or loosened soil around roots. Indoor problems include: mold growth, weakened structures such as walls and ceilings (from ground water or roof leakages), electrical issues, and the health contamination that comes with sewage back-flows.

Insurance Claims and flood damage

Many flood victims will be disheartened to discover that, if they haven't specifically requested coverage, their homeowners insurance policy does not cover flooding caused by storm water that invades their home.

For a more detailed discussion about flood and water damage insurance, read our blog posts:

We are highly experienced in both accomplishing work for insurance entities and helping water damage victims navigate insurance claims. Please contact us through the form below for a free estimate and your questions about insurance claims.

New Call to action

Our expert flood damage professionals not only deal with the emergency at hand, but can also provide the drywall, painting, flooring and plumbing services required to return your property to premium condition. If you've experienced a catastrophe in your home or business, you can count on us to provide the solutions that will make your life easier.

Clean Earth Restorations Water Damage Cleanup includes:

  • Water extraction, if needed
  • Moving and blocking up furniture, as needed
  • Application of a safe deodorizer and disinfectant to inhibit bacterial growth and mildew in carpets, drywall and other building materials
  • Set up of drying equipment
  • Monitoring of drying equipment and drying process. Thorough drying typically takes 3-4 days, but can take longer
  • Processing of paperwork for insurance company and owners, which includes daily pictures and moisture reports
  • Thermal imaging cameras

We do everything including carpet water damage restoration, ceiling water damage restoration and water removal to ensure that our customers are one hundred percent satisfied every time. When it comes to delivering great customer service, we understand that it takes more than just hard work and plenty of relevant experience.

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