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Cleaning up after a Biohazard Accident, Death or Crime

Whether you are facing an accident, violent crime or the discovery of an unattended death or suicide, the risk of biohazards is real, and you need professional help to cleanup. Biological hazards are made up of organic material like blood, bodily fluids and airborne pathogens, which can also be a health risk.

Death and crime scene clean up (also known as "bio recovery") after suicide, homicide, violent crimes, and accidental or unattended deaths,  presents very particular issues that require specialized prioritization, procedures, cleaning products, and equipment.

The person or company responsible for the project must ensure that bio-hazard contamination is contained and removed, evidence (if any) is preserved intact for law enforcement, and property is properly cleaned, disinfected, and restored to its former use and condition. Timing is important as relates to each of these considerations.

The biggest risk and challenge in bio recovery is that any biological substance (blood, saliva, urine, feces, semen, etc.) is considered a potential threat. Biological substances may harbor virus', bacteria or toxins that can impact the health of people who are cleaning up the scene and those who will use it after the job is done. These threats include but are not limited to HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis A & B, Salmonella, Tuberculosis, and more. In order to protect people from these bio hazards, it is vital to understand how to remove and discard biological substances, and how to clean and disinfect the materials the substances have touched.

On a less threatening level, but nonetheless very important to the success of the clean up, is knowing how to remove stains and odors. Many stains and odors caused by biological substances require specialized knowledge and products to successfully remove them.

Crime scenes are often accompanied by violent acts that create property damage and Clean Earth Restorations is uniquely qualified, as licensed general contractors, to fix or replace damaged items such as carpeting, drywall, windows, ceilings, and paint.

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Why Clean Earth Restorations?

There are relatively few companies who are trained and registered with the State of California to do so. At Clean Earth Restorations we are registered with the State of California (#391) and a member of ABRA, the American Bio-Recovery Association, the industry association leader in the field of biohazardous cleanup. We are also members of the Clean Trust, the association that sets standards for cleaning and restoration industries. There are many regulations that govern this kind of work and we work seemlessly with legal authorities and registered waste transportation companies to provide the most efficient service possible.

More importantly we are your neighbors. We have been serving San Diego for nearly 20 years, growing with each year. We understand the life situations that bring people to our door. We know that cleanup after a death, or at the scene of a crime, is hard to face and we are honored to help our customers in these challenging times.

Participating in a specialized training and certification program puts Clean Earth Restorations at the forefront of safe and efficient bio recovery services. We follow guidelines set forth by state and federal agencies, have staff on call for emergencies 24/7, and are a local San Diego business with direct and personal ties to our community. Our expertise and tools are unparalleled.

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